Change Your Race Tactics

Need to push a little harder on a lap? Does it make sense to close the gap and overtake the competitor in front of you? Or better save your tires and fuel? X2 Link will help you decide your race tactics during the race.
X2 Tracking
With X2 Link Live Tracking timers and race control are able to watch and replay the position of all vehicles, to improve track safety and regulations decisions. The pit crew and fans can follow your real-time activities in the Speedhive App.
X2 Results
Live Results on Your On-board Display:
  • Official lap times
  • # of laps completed/to go
  • Position in race
  • Gap to racer in front
  • Gap to racer behind
  • Diff to P1

How Does It Work?

Via an antenna installed at the track (BaseLink) you will receive live results via the antenna installed in your vehicle (RaceLink). Connect your RaceLink to your X2 Transponder (Direct Power) and your on-board display to publish the results on your on-board display (compatible with AiM and Unipro displays).

System Components

X2 Transponder with Direct Power

  • If you already have an X2 Transponder with Direct Power, use that with X2 Link

RaceLink Antenna

  • Receives live data on-board
  • Sends GPS signal which allows Live Tracking

RaceLink requires 12V power supply

X2 DataMount

  • Sends Live Results to your display
  • Makes Bluethooth connection with your smartphone for installation diagnostics

Compatible On-board Display

* Not included in Box

Currently X2 Link is compatible with the following in-car displays:

More compatible on-board displays will follow

Where Can You Use X2 Link?

X2 Link only works at tracks equipped with the BaseLink antenna.
Are you a timer? Learn more about X2 Link!

Supported Series

Coming Soon!

Supported Tracks

*Only available with official timing
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon

X2 Link Packages

X2 Tracking
X2 Results
Live Results on your Display:
  • Personal laptimes &diffs
  • Position in class, diff & gaps
  • Current lap, laps/time to go
Live GPS position for race control
Live position to pit crew & fans in Speedhive app
Announcer information
Installation diagnostics in Speedhive App (using Bluetooth)
Price from € 100 / year * from € 310 / year *

*Price depends on sport

Plus the price of an X2 transponder with Direct Power

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