Purple - Overall best in the session within the class
Green - Personal best for the driver for the session
There are three categories of information shown in the race icons. The icon type indicates the type of race:
  • Race
  • Merged Race
  • Qualifying or practice session
  • Merged qualifying or practice session
  • Ranking based on points
Grey arrow up: Driver gained one or more positions
Black arrow down: Driver lost one or more positions
NB: arrows are currently not available for RC
Grey arrow up: Lap is faster than previous lap
Black arrow down: Lap is slower than previous lap
NB: arrows are currently not available for RC

Race results are uploaded on our website by a race organization. If your results are not online yet, please contact your race organization about uploading the results. Uploading is free of charge. More information about how to upload results. All event results that have been uploaded to mylaps.com are available in the Speedhive app and website, including results from the past. When you own a transponder and have registered it at your MYLAPS account, your results are always visible in your personal account. The latest results show up on top.

Yes, the app gets his data from the Speedhive website. The events listed in the app are the same as on the Speedhive website.

The app does not show practice results yet. This is something what will be incorporated in the future. For iOS you can use the MYLAPS practice app or MYLAPS RC4 Lite App (only applicable with a RC4 or RC4-hybrid transponder). For Android you can find your practice results on our mobile responsive website. More information about these apps you can find on www.mylaps.com/en/mobile-apps

Click on ‘signup’ in the Speedhive app or website, fill in your name and email address and agree to the MYLAPS terms & conditions. You will receive an email to confirm your account. Open the email and click on the link to create a password and activate your account. Now, you are able to register your transponder and view your personal results.

There is no maximum of transponders that you can add to your account. However, a transponder can only be registered to 1 account.

You can change your password in the ‘my profile’ menu if you are logged in on the Speedhive website. Click on ‘change password’. First you will need to give your current password (1), next you give the new password (2) and lastly confirm the password (3). If you are unable to login because you forgot your password, you can reset your password by clicking on the following link: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/en/account/ForgotPassword.

You can change the practice nickname in your account. The nickname will be used for your practice results. Please note that the account nickname has to be unique. You can also give separate nicknames for the transponder(s) registered in your account. You can do this in the ‘my products’ page at the Speedhive website or in the ‘profile’ section in the Speedhive app.

The profile picture in your MYLAPS account is shown on the public practice results page, when you completed a practice session on one of the practice tracks: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/en/Practice.

You can login to your personal MYLAPS account, to see when your subscription will end. For the X2 transponder: you can also see the end-date of your subscription in the MYLAPS Connect software, after connecting the X2 RaceKey containing the license file to your computer.

When you have created a personal MYLAPS account, you can register your transponder under ‘my products’ at the mylaps.com website or in the ‘profile’ section in the Speedhive app. Please note that a transponder can only be registered to one account at a time. Registering multiple transponders in one account is possible.

The privacy setting in your personal MYLAPS account allows you to set your practice results to private. After that, your practice results will only be visible in your account dashboard. To make your practice results private, you need to login to your account at the Speedhive website and mark the ‘practice results are private’ box under ‘my profile’.

To show your personal results in the app you first need to login with your MYLAPS account. If you do not have an account yet, you can easily sign up by using the ‘sign up’ button. You will now be transferred to the MYLAPS website, where you can create your personal account.

We will never delete any results. Please keep in mind that when you sell your transponder and the new owner re-registers the transponder, all your results will be removed from your account.

When an organization uses MYLAPS timing equipment and uploads the results to mylaps.com, you will always find your results in your personal account.

Yes, you can use the search function to search for particular events. The event results are public available. To see all the lap times of an individual driver, you are required to login.

To show your personal event results you need to have a transponder connected to your MYLAPS account. This can be a Car, Bike, MX, RC or Kart transponder. By using the ‘Register Transponder’ button you are able to connect your transponder to your account. You can also do this on your desktop.

The app only displays your event results. If you don’t have event results attached to your MYLAPS account this screen will be displayed. The app shows the same event results as on speedhive.mylaps.com in your account in ‘my results’.

Now, you need to activate the subscription. Download and install the MYLAPS Connect software.
In the MYLAPS Connect software you will need to log in using the same credentials as your MYLAPS account.
Connect the X2 RaceKey to you PC.
The MYLAPS Connect software will automatically transfer the subscription to your X2 RaceKey.
Now connect the X2 transponder to the RaceKey as well. The X2 transponder will be activated.

Click on the following link to find the manuals of our products: https://www.mylaps.com/en/manuals.

If you have a question about your transponder or subscription, visit the following website to find the answer: https://www.mylaps.com/en/support.

iOS: Use the buttons below in the screen
Android: horizontal swipe to scroll

To estimate the racers' position on the track, we use the time of the start-finish passings. Therefore it's important that your phone's clock has been setup automatically.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in our list of frequently asked questions, please fill out the contact form.

Please fill out the contact form if you want to report an issue or bug in the app.

Live Timing for the Speedhive app isn't automatically enabled for a race. The timer or organisation of the race should enable it. Please contact them if you want Live Timing for a race or event.

Live Timing is not automatically enabled for a race. The timer or organisation of the race has to enable it. Live Timing on the Speedhive website is a paid service, which the organisation or timer of your racetrack can purchase. Please ask them to consider this service if you would like to have Live Timing Web.

To share and follow the Event Results on the Speedhive platform we developed the feature to follow your friends’ Event Results. You get notified when their Event Results are published. Are you a racer? Let your friends & family know that they can follow your Event Results. Find out more and manage your privacy settings in the Profile screen of the MYLAPS Speedhive app.

There are a lot of Event Results from all over the world on our MYLAPS Speedhive platform. To share and follow the Event Results, we developed the feature to follow your friends’ Event Results. You get notified when their Event Results are published. Are you a racer? Let your friends & family know that they can follow your Event Results. Find out more and manage your privacy settings in the Profile screen of the MYLAPS Speedhive app.

You can manage your privacy settings in the Profile screen of the MYLAPS Speedhive app.

True. This feature is only available in the MYLAPS Speedhive App.

MYLAPS Results

MYLAPS Results is the largest online scoreboard worldwide for motorsport events. More than 150.000 events and hundred thousands of racers use our free website and App to check, compare and share race results.

Get all race results and lap times online in a few clicks

Using MYLAPS Orbits software you are able to upload your race results in a few clicks. Uploading to MYLAPS Results is free of charge and is offered as an additional service to timing software. Give racers more insights in their performance and start uploading today.


  • Results online within seconds after the race or event
  • No need to print race and individual results
  • All events of your club under one account
  • Racers can create a free account to check all their historic results and lap times
  • Racers can compare themselves with others and share results on Social Media
  • Easy integrate MYLAPS results in your event and club website

All race results on one page

All events you upload can be seen on mylaps.com and in the Speedhive app directly. Your events get extra exposure as thousands of racers visit mylaps.com on a daily basis.
You can also integrate results in your website.

All race results on your own website

To get all results on your own website, simply embed a small piece of code into your website. Your website will be synced with mylaps.com: when you upload new results, your website will automatically be updated.

Computer is connected to the internet

To upload results to mylaps.com, click the Upload to mylaps.com button, which can be found under Publish tasks. Now the wizard will guide you through this process. You can do this after every race or after the last race of the day.

Step 1

In order to use the mylaps.com result service you have to login with your free mylaps.com organization account.

Step 2

Select the runs and merges you want to upload: The program will select all finished runs to upload. Once a run is uploaded to mylaps.com it will not be selected for upload until the result of the run changed. Click the Next button to start uploading to mylaps.com.

Step 3

Uploading results The Upload wizard makes a connection with the mylaps.com server. Once the connection is made the results are automatically uploaded. You do not need powerful internet since it is a very small file.

When finalized Orbits displays the link to the mylaps.com website where the results can be found.

Computer is not connected to the internet

When you have no internet connection available at the location of the event, you can upload the results later. Follow these steps:

Step 1 and 2

The first 2 steps are the same as when the computer is connected to the internet.

Step 3

Save the upload file: When there is no connection to the internet, specify the location to save the upload file, so the results can be uploaded to mylaps.com from another computer or location. You can for instance save it to a USB memory stick or a local folder on your computer.


The upload is finished: The upload file is successfully saved to the selected location. To upload the results to mylaps.com, bring the file to another computer that is connected to the internet and open it there, or bring your computer to a location where you can make an internet connection.

To upload results to mylaps.com you need an organization account. On the mylaps.com homepage, visit the footer and click Organization login (or click here) to create an organization account.
Check the resend account details page, enter your email address or your login details and continue. You will receive an email with new login credentials and you will be able to create a new password.

When you login into your MYLAPS Organization account, in the menu bar you will find the option to integrate results. There is a piece of code which you can implement in your website. After implementing the code into the right place on your website, it will show all results you have uploaded. It usually takes the webmaster around 5 minutes to achieve this

Your results become visible in a number of places. On mylaps.com, the latest results are shown on the homepage and at the event results section of the website. You can also search for (historical) results which you have uploaded earlier. Events can be found under your organization account, see example https://www.mylaps.com/en/events/acu-events-ltd/110601
Results also show up in the newly released Speedhive app.
Racers can find their own results in their personal accounts, in their mylaps.com account as well as in the Speedhive app (when they log in to their own account).

Some 3rd party software packs offer direct uploads to mylaps.com website, please check with your software vendor to find out more. If your 3rd party software pack does not feature this, follow these steps to upload your results to mylaps.com:

  1. Authenticate software package
    Send your vendorID and package identification.
  2. Authenticate mylaps.com user
    Enter your mylaps.com credentials.
  3. Post XML data
    Collect the data from your timing system, format it, and post it.
  4. View uploaded results
    Retrieve the link to the newly uploaded event

Enabling live timing is different for Orbits 4 and 5. Choose the situation which applies to you, and click on the link to visit the manual.

Live timing for Orbits 4
Quick Starter Guide live timing for Orbits 4

Live timing for Orbits 5
Quick Starter Guide live timing for Orbits 5

Sessions shown in the 'view other live sessions' screen might contain incomplete and/or lower quality information.
To make sure your events show up on the Live Timing screen, please do the following:
- Fill in a session name. If the session name is 'New run' or empty, it will be shown in 'Other sessions'.
- Fill in your track name. If your track name is 'New track' or empty, it will be shown in 'Other sessions'.
- Mark your session as active by clicking on the green, yellow or red flag in Orbits.
- Fill in the competitors' names. At least 75% of the competitors should have a name filled in.

Sessions will be removed to the 'Other sessions' screen if there are no competitors or results added after 60 minutes.

The ‘Online App Feed’ in previous versions of Orbits 5 has been replaced by the ‘Speedhive Feed’ in Orbits 5.2 HF1. Please enable this feed in the distribution tab in Orbits 5.2 HF1 to show live timing in the Speedhive app.

Currently, we offer Live Timing in the app as a free feature. If you enable the ‘Speedhive Feed’ in Orbits 5.2 HF1 your session will show up in the Speedhive app. Live Timing Web (on the website) is a paid feature which you will need to enable before it can be used. Interested? Find more information here!

The premium package allows more features amongst others; it supports multiloop tracks, pit lane, weather and track temperature information. It also gives you possibilities to create value for sponsors, by uploading sponsor logos. Find all features of the available Live Timing Web packages here.

After Live Timing Web has been activated for your Orbits account, it is straightforward! Switch on the ‘Speedhive Feed’ under the distribution tab in Orbits 5 version 5.2 HF1, and you should see your session on the website. You can find the Manual for Orbits 5 here. Please note that Live Timing Web is only available for Orbits 5 version 5.2 HF1.

Contact your account manager or send an email to sales@mylaps.com if you are interested in Live Timing Web. Find more information about the available packages and prices here.

Live Timing Web is only available for Orbits 5 version 5.2 HF1. Please update your Orbits if you are currently using an older version of Orbits 5. The Live Timing feed for Orbits 4 is in development.

Click on the following link to find a list of tracks where you can use X2 Link: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/x2link#where.

Please contact the organization of the race track.

To make your display X2 Link ready, you need to upgrade the firmware. Please find below the link to download the firmware per display:

- Unipro Unigo 5005: http://unipro-usa.com/shop/cms-71.html
- Unipro Unigo 6005: http://unipro-usa.com/shop/cms-69.html
- Unipro Unigo 8005: http://unipro-usa.com/shop/cms-69.html

X2 Link only works with a direct power X2 transponder.

The X2 DataMount is included if you buy X2 Results.

The most important difference between X2 Tracking and X2 Results is that with X2 Results you will also receive live data updates on your on-board display.

For a nice overview of the differences between X2 Tracking and X2 Results look here: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/x2link#packages

In our webshop you can select the options you want and then it will show the price. Link to our webshop: https://speedhiveshop.mylaps.com/

The content of the package depends on the options you select. Currently, there are 6 different packages.

X2 Tracking

X2 Tracking with X2 Transponder Direct Power:

- Racelink Antenna & Cabling
- X2 Transponder
- X2 Transponder Holder
- X2 RaceKey
- X2 RaceKey Mount
- Cabling

X2 Tracking with Direct Power upgrade for a X2 Transponder:

- Racelink Antenna & Cabling
- Cabling for Direct Power upgrade

X2 Tracking:

- Racelink Antenna & Cabling

X2 Results

X2 Results with X2 Transponder Direct Power:

- Racelink Antenna & Cabling
- X2 DataMount
- X2 Transponder
- X2 Transponder Holder
- X2 RaceKey
- X2 RaceKey Mount
- Cabling

X2 Results with Direct Power upgrade for a X2 Transponder:

- Racelink Antenna & Cabling
- X2 DataMount
- Cabling for Direct Power upgrade

X2 Results:

- Racelink Antenna & Cabling
- X2 DataMount

At this moment, it is possible to buy a subscription for X2 Link for 1 year. Other subscription options will be added later.

For X2 Link you need the X2 timing system. More information about the X2 system: http://www.mylaps.com/en/x2

Please contact your account manager if you are interested.

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